The Beautiful Art of Harvesting
        Tahitian pearl harvesting is one of the most interesting methods of harvesting. This is because Tahitian pearl farms are very rare. Many other types of pearl farming are mainly done in large scale. However, harvesting Tahitian pearls is done in small, simply because they’re “maker,” the black lip oysters, are in most cases not in plenty.

Natural Habitats & Tahitian Pearl Farms
        Oysters naturally are stored in lagoons. This is their “natural” habitat where they grow and live. Tahitian pearl farms are simply several lagoons with the black lip oysters. Harvesting on from the Tahitian pearl farms is pretty simple. It involves a pearl farmer “helping” the process move along to come up with an authentically harvested pearl.
        Each pearl is then removed carefully. Very special tools are used in this process. These tools are necessary because they allow the pearl farmers to remove the pearl while making sure the oyster is not injured or killed in the process. These tools also help the pearl comes out as it, without breakages or without being destroyed.