I remember the exact day I picked out my wedding ring. It was a sunny Saturday morning, birds were pleasantly chirping, and I practically skipped down the sidewalk to the jewelry store. That optimistic feeling was immediately killed as my eyes laid rest on all of the ring prices, like a music record shut off and scratched. As I shuffled down the carpet of the store and glanced at each ring, my hopes were slowly shattered, and I finally came to the stop at a “low-end option”, which ironically was the max range of my budget. After a series of conversations and comparisons about carat, cut, color and clarity, I got upsold to a ring I wasn’t satisfied with. When I sat in my car, I was so uncomfortable with my decision that I could hear my heart pound and my skin itch, but I knew there wouldn’t be a better option. I couldn’t let a price tag wound or end my relationship, but I knew there had to be a solution for people like me.
When I founded Raivari, I aimed to create jewelry that was affordable but also durable, classy, and graceful. Ever since our team utilized Moissanite, we’ve been able to create rings, earrings, and necklaces that the younger me could have afforded and would have been proud to give to my now wife. Find the perfect ring with us, frustration-free, and don’t make any compromises, because I know first-hand the stress and struggle of buying a ring, and what the cost savings can mean for a family.